Promoting Positive Health Outcomes Through Local Community Resources

About Us - Purpose Statement

The COMMUNITe Resource Guide (Guide) has been created to serve the community through the sharing of assets owned by agencies, organizations, and centers throughout the community. For this site these agencies and organizations include faith-based organizations, government agencies, medical centers, education centers, and civic organizations. This Guide is funded by the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Minority Health and Health Equity.

A pilot study launched in 2007 in the four communities of Bath, Essex, Page, and Shenandoah yielded results that revealed that communities could begin to overcome barriers to good health by collaborating across community sectors. This Guide is provided as a place where community members, organizations, agencies, centers, etc. can find resources within their own community. It provides opportunities for members of the community to better understand what their community has to offer and also to understand what’s missing. The sponsors of this site hope users are able to locate resources and use them for providing services to those members of the community most in need.

We would like to thank the Riverside Tappahannock Hospital for their letter of support.